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Kaustubh embarked on his design journey at Mumbai's Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts. During his studies, he honed his craft with an internship at Grandmother India, where he independently conceptualized and executed his first nationwide campaign for the Ritu Kumar brand.

Subsequently, he ventured beyond the bustling creative hub of Mumbai, opting for a role at Synapse in Goa. Here, he diversified his skill set and collaborated with prestigious clients such as CRY India and Microsoft.

After two enriching years, he decided to forge his own path. Collaborating closely with Inkbrushnme Studios, he immersed himself in branding and illustration-focused projects. Kaustubh discovered his passion for crafting distinctive visual identities for brands and packaging that not only captivate on shelves but also in the memories of consumers.

From revolutionizing doorstep milk delivery with ‘Woohoo’ to partnering with Shilpa Shetty on ‘Zoff’ spices, from creating impactful movie posters like ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’ to endearing packaging for beloved brands like Chitale, Kaustubh’s portfolio spans diverse industries. He relishes collaborating with both startups, helping them refine their focus and develop MVPs efficiently, and established businesses, where he meticulously understands their story, goals, and audience to craft unique brand positioning and design.

Spatial Scluptures

For over a decade, Kaustubh has been crafting distinct visual identities for a myriad of businesses. However, a few years ago, the artist within him awoke, fueling his desire to embark on a journey of self-expression and artistic exploration giving birth to Kosmosk.

His spatial sculptures are a testament to this creative evolution, crafted by laminating multiple layers of glass together, forever preserving their ethereal beauty. This sculptural artistry is a product of unwavering passion and dedication, providing viewers with an uplifting and timeless experience.

Kaustubh’s pursuit of the extraordinary, the timeless, and the enduring is what propels him forward.

Building the EIP studio space

A lab, office, workshop & temple

Designing and building my own studio was one of the best decisions I've ever made. After creating a 3D model, I handed it to the engineer, who became genuinely enthusiastic and brilliantly brought my vision to life!

It took us eight months to build and design the structure, and the most thrilling part was the process itself.