Translating a chefs philosophy into art

Client: Rhubarb Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Rhubarb Restaurant

A restaurant is all about good food. Yes. But can it be more? Its the experience and feeling that the consumer gets when he dines in. And this experience becomes a memorable one when it is in sync with the idea, passion and values of the chef.

When we met Chef Amogh to brand his first baby we spent days eating the food he cooked and understanding his philosophy. We soon realised that food for him was all about ingredients, their freshness and the order in which they are used. He was extremely passionate about sourcing his stuff from across places which is when we realised that the restaurant needs a mural which expressed this exact philosophy. 

The result was a simple identity reflecting the chef’s ideals and a mural which would imbibe food in an artistic manor. The mural went on to be called “Lady Ruby” and became a landmark for that location.

Rhubarb Restaurant
Rhubarb Restaurant

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