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Client: Math Tweets Pvt. Ltd.

MathTweets Branding

Curriculum in our schools need a huge overhaul so that children especially in the primary sections can enjoy and learn and not be terrorized by it. We need to create systems that help children learn things at their own pace, without stressing them out and without expecting teachers, schools or parents to make drastic changes. This is exactly what Subbalakshmi Kumar is trying to achieve through Mathtweets.

The Mathtweets program is a parent-driven program for children of ages 5 – 12 based on simple and small steps, graded worksheets and daily practice. The entire year’s curriculum has been divided into 40 – 45 weeks program. When a parent subscribes to the program he/she gets a pdf file consisting of 1 tutor sheet (demo sheet) teaching the topic of that week and 5 practice worksheets for the week (Mon – Fri) every Friday in his/her inbox. The parent is expected to print this out and work with the child.

We designed the a playful, memorable and engaging identity and an illustration style for Mathtweets which was used in their website, learning sheets, books and app.

MathTweets Branding
MathTweets Branding

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