Celebrating famous Indian role models

Client: The Orchid School, Pune

Blackboard Illustration

We as a society often lament and complain about the lack of good role models. However, when we look around we see individuals who have inspired us through their life stories and have shown us the way. 

Orchid wanted to honor such individuals, who have embodied our vision – of being Locally Rooted, Globally Competent citizens. They come from all walks of life, various age groups, genders and from all regions of India. The pageant for celebrating the contribution of the Locally Rooted, Globally Competent citizens will be a landmark event in the journey of The Orchid School. 

They approached us to create something unique and memorable for this day. We conceptualised a chalk art illustration style in which we could draw portraits of all the invited role models which were displayed in the school campus during the function. These were also printed on high resolution canvas and given as a memento to those respective idols.

Blackboard Illustrations
Blackboard Illustrations

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