Building the future of a school

Client: SRVM School 

SRVM School Identity

Sadhu Ram Vidya Mandir (SRVM) was a school run by Educomp the largest education company in India. The founder’s of SRVM decided to take control into their own hands which is when SRVM was conceptualised. We were hired to design the identity of a school which was modern as well as something that would last the test of time. 

Education is for life and we combined this concept visually with the letter ’S’ and symbolic kids to makeup a symbol. This symbol would later scale up creatively to be used on all the collaterals leaving an imprint of the identity smartly on everything. We also designed an entire range of collaterals needed for the school right from admission forms, to their brochure, the kids uniforms, the bus designs and other communication collaterals like ads and hoardings.

SRVM School Identity

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