Building curiosity in real estate

CLIENT: Jalan Builders

J44, Prabhat, an office space for elite professionals was a dream project of Jalan Builders. It was a next generation building designed and built with the notion that form follows function. The result of design which has derived directly from its purpose. The purpose being communicating values which believe in and create something for people who believe and practice those values. It was one of the most interesting real estate projects we had seen and we decided to take it up.

We created a font for the identity inspired by the buildings pillar construction. The a grid was made using the pillar design and a font was created using that grid. The same font was then used in all their communication design and signages within the building.

We also conceptualised and executed a one of a kind changing teaser billboard which would change every 3 days revealing a message. This generated a lot of buzz for the building both online and offline.

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