Building the EIP studio was a lot of fun!

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EIP -Design-Studio

It was one the best decisions of my life to design & build a studio myself. I made a 3D model and gave it to the the engineer who got really excited and he did an incredible job of replicating my vision IRL! Here are some of the images I documented.

It took us about 8 long months to build it up. I must tell you that the thrill of building and designing a structure was the best part. I chose everything that went into it… right from the natural black stone flooring to the kind of glass the windows would have so I did’nt have to put the metal window grills that people usually put.

The 1440 sq.ft. studio has two huge rooms with 12′ ceiling in height, the windows are placed strategically which allows the air flow freely and keep the indoors cool. The windows are huge bringing in a lot of daylight. There are a few skylights as well. The only this I wasted to do was to get solar panels. Maybe next time 🙂

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